A Fashionable Mom – Daddy Approved! 7 Tips To Be A Stylish Mom

A Fashionable Mom – Daddy Approved! 7 Tips To Be A Stylish Mom

Insights In A Changed Relationship After A Baby

Today’s article is going to be a bit different from what you’re used to on my blog.

In this article, I am going to talk about the idea of being a fashionable mom, an idea which is strongly approved by dads. And I talk from my own experience too (my husband gave me actually this idea of the article).

Because learning how to maintain a healthy relationship after a child is a tough lesson for everyone. Besides the ‘how to handle that tiny human’ drill.

But how can I be a fashionable mom? How can you be a fashionable mom?

Stay with me and you’ll find out in a bit 7 tips on how to become a stylish mama.

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How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship After A Baby

Ok, what you need to keep in mind is that your relationship dynamic is going to change completely after having a  baby. The time shortens, everyone’s needs multiply, and apparently, the new mom is the one who has to bear the whole responsibility. Which is not fair. I still don’t have a clear explanation for this, but it happens.

So how do I fix my relationship after kids, then? How do I fix the relationship with myself?

Rule no.1 is to ask for support. Anytime, every time. Involve your husband in this as much as you can, he will thank you later for all the amazing moments he had to spend with his child, no matter how challenging they were.

Don’t be afraid to spend time alone and take care of yourself. Allow yourself to look good again, to feel good again. Your husband will thank you later…again.

Besides being a mother, and not JUST a mother, but an amazing one, you are still a woman. A gorgeous, fashionable woman who deserves to shine again. Your life didn’t end at the moment you gave life. No. Your life is even better now, so you deserve to face all these challenges while looking stunning.

I dare to talk like this with you because I’ve been there for way too much time. I forgot way too many times about myself. I cried too many times while looking at my old photos before getting pregnant.

But after a while I decided that I need more, I realized that I deserve to look good, to feel good, to put on my favorite dress, to wear makeup more often, to have a fresh haircut, and enjoy my motherhood journey.


There is no better feeling than people asking you in amazement if it’s true that you are a mom (because this is what people expect from us, to be a total mess and stay inside cooking and cleaning).

So dare to be bold and experiment with fashion, be in style and see the good part in this. Go and have a romantic date with your husband, make him proud of his stunning wife, the mom of his child.

What Does A Husband Want From His Wife?

I started with the new daddy because even if we, as new moms, don’t realize it, we have the tendency to ignore his presence in our lives and we focus 100% on the baby. This is not a bad thing, but sometimes things get critical.

So considering my own life experience and having so many daddies around me, the main idea is that men want their wives to take care of themselves (not in a misogynist way). Be it a massage day or a hair appointment.

Do you know that saying “Happy wife, happy life”? – I haven’t heard anything more true than that.

He wishes you to buy that red dress and put it on, even if your baby will puke on it later, at least you’re fabulous. Even when you’re going on a walk in the park, put on one of those fashionable baby carriers that I’ve been talking about in here and create a simple, yet chic outfit.

Wear makeup if that makes you feel good, wear high heels if you can or forget about them, but pick a pair of white sneakers and include them in your outfit next to a floral dress, a denim jacket and you’re good to go.

He wants you to be happy and smile – this is the only everlasting feature that suits you the best and makes you look gorgeous.

What Does A Woman Want From Her Husband?

Now, what does a new mom want from her husband?

I, for sure, wanted peace and comfort.

I bet that you wish the same thing, to spend some quality time with your newborn, to enjoy motherhood. But at the same time, you wish understanding and for people to give you time. Time to recover, time to accept what is happening with you and your body, time to understand that a new and better chapter is starting today.

And you can have it if you only ask.

Ask for your time.

Ask for your peace.

Ask for that 2 h in which you could go straight to the mall and buy that dress you saw online.

Ask for 10 min to go to the bathroom (ALONE) and put on makeup.

To have a shower.

To do your hair.

This is what a new mom wants. And to achieve all of these, which is a fashionable mother, a beautiful wife, and the best mom for your child, you need a balance between all the things listed above.

How Do New Moms Look Good?

Oh, my.

I had this question in my head so many times. I still have it, honestly.

Instagram is not the perfect place to spend your time when your life is a complete mess and baby puke. And poop.

Let’s face it, it’s a cruel reality that we’re all dealing with, yet not all of us are showing it as it is.

But the cause is not lost yet. Nope. There is still a chance and I am living proof (maybe someday I will have the courage to talk about my postpartum experience, with a not so funny depression and weight gain issues) of this.

Let’s shine, mama!

SO, how to be a fashionable mom you say? Then these 7 tips will help you to become more stylish and feel good on your skin.

1. Pick clothes that flatter your body

Everyone is different. Every woman changes in her way when giving birth. And that’s perfectly fine. The best advice I can give to you is to know your body, to accept it, and choose clothes that emphasize those parts of your body that you love the most.

2. Don’t forget about the basics

Life is too short to think about complicated things. Especially when you’re a mom. Therefore, when enriching your wardrobe, focus on buying basic items of clothing: a white T-shirt, a black T-shirt, a denim jacket, jeans, a black&white striped blouse, and a white pair of sneakers. Trust me on this, if you have these pieces in your closet, you can play with each outfit you like.

3. Accessories

Yep. Accessories are game-changers. They can add a little more life to your outfits. Imagine only having an outfit made out of the basic elements we’ve been talking about earlier: a white T-shirt, a pair of jeans, sneakers, add a colorful bandana on your head, your fancy bag from elfinloasangeles.com, and boom. Fashionable mama on her way! So yeah, accessories are always a good idea.

4. Dry shampoo. Period.

Don’t let this little buddy away from your sight. From now on he’s your best friend. No time for a shower? No prob, the dry shampoo has your back. All fresh in no time.

5. Think in advance with your kid/kids.

I always liked to think in advance when I was leaving the house: to be sure that I have the baby’s bag prepared all the time with diapers, wet wipes, new fresh clothes if something nasty happens, and always dress the baby first ( trust me on this, you don’t want some baby things on your outfit, there’s no time for a new one).

6. Make-up in 10 minutes, no more, no less.

Makeup matters, at least for me. I admit that I don’t have always time (or I’m too lazy) to put on the full makeup, but I take care to at least have my hair done and a bit of mascara. You don’t have to be a makeup guru to create this simple and fresh makeup look, and I’ll show you how to do it.

7. Focus on yourself first: take a deep breath before leaving the house, align your chakras and enjoy your adventure outside with your kids.

Conclusion On How To Be A Fashionable Mom

And this is just a little peek into how to be a stylish mom. How to become a fashionable mother is nothing too fancy, the only problem is the reality that punches our face sometimes, but this is why we have our husbands, to remind us that we are still beautiful and worthy of a good-looking outfit.

Embrace your reality and be happy in your fashionable motherhood journey.

What is the one thing that you do every single day as part of your fashion and self-care routine?

Thank you for reading this article and I simply want you to know and feel my appreciation for all that you’re doing as moms.

See ya, love ya,

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A Fashionable Mom – Daddy Approved! 7 Tips To Be A Stylish Mom

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