8 Best Ways To  Develop Your Child’s Personal Fashion Sense And Style

8 Best Ways To Develop Your Child’s Personal Fashion Sense And Style

How To Help Your Child Develop His /Her Own Sense Of Style?

How can you make your child to be in fashion from early time?

Do children really need to have a well-developed sense of style?

What’s the impact of fashion on kids?

Ok, let me start this straight. Maybe you’re thinking that this fashion topic is a bit overrated to be approached to kids.

As a huge problem. If it is a problem.

Well, it is not, but it is still quite a huge deal. And why that? Because fashion as a whole is art, and arts play a major role in everyone’s lives, not only on kids. 

Kids are usually our mirrors, they represent our reflection in this society. They are little Sponge Bobs that absorb everything around them, be it good or…bad (pardon my French – less good). 

This means that kids are learning everything from us, and because they don’t have yet a well-developed discernment, the only string they attach is us, their role model in life, so why not implementing some good quality aesthetics in their lives? Starting from the music we play to them to the cartoons we allow them to watch.

What Style Actually Stands For?


What is style more precisely?

Let me answer with a cliché and bring in front of you Yves Saint Laurent’s definition of style which, in his opinion: Fashion fades, but the style is eternal (hm, now that I’m reading it one more time, I think could grave it somewhere). 

But style is something more than knowing how to put on a blouse and pair of pants correctly, it is something more personal. Deeply personal, actually. By that I mean that style stands as a form of a language.

You know, we have the body language, the actual language, and related to our topic, the visual language. This is how someone (not just someone, but our children) has the power to express the way they see themselves or the power to show to the people how they want to be seen.

Which I found to be truly inspiring. 

Having style is equal to that one thing that makes you feel good from the inside out. It’s the only way in which you can put yourself together while using your likes and dislikes. 

You place them in a perfect balance, and voilà: boom, style!

And because I was talking so much about how deep this feature in our lives is, well, keep in mind that this sense of visual self comes with complete exposure.

What we construct exposes at the same time who we are.

The Connection Between Your Child And Style Development


Besides all these superficial aspects from the outer world, what is the connection between children and this whole style development process?

Do girls have to pay more attention to this aspect more than boys? Do we have to put some sort of pressure on this? Is it relevant?

Well, it’s not something compulsory. The world is not going to burn if we’re not acting as such, but yet, it has its huge importance. 

Creating an individual’s sense of style is a natural part of a child’s development. 

Being in fashion is fun, and children love, love, love to have fun, isn’t it? Their world is so pure and colorful, so why not using fashion as a way of expression correctly and naturally. I see only good in this. 

My point is that we, as parents, really need to be aware of what we’re presenting to our children in matter of fashion. 

The sense of style is something that comes from everything that surrounds us, whether we’re talking about the environment or family, how our parents did some specific stuff.

All of these are parts of our lives that have found a permanent place in our subconscious. 

Little People With Big Dreams

And now memories.

Memories will follow your child as it followed you. I bet you do have at least one memory that reminds you of your mom, let’s say, when she was preparing for her date night with your dad.

She was putting on her amazing little black dress and she was wearing so majestic red lipstick on her velvety lips. 

Or the days when you wanted so badly to try on her high heels?

See what I’m talking about? These are the things that remain in your head….forever.

 I know my description it’s probably too juicy, but we grew up with these patterns and it’s funny that even today the mother and daughter portrait is pictured in the same manner after so many years. 

Little feet in way too big shoes. 

Let Your Child Take The Wheel


Let’s open the shopping topic.

All the mama’s out there, raise your hands if you dreamed for at least once since you found out that you’ll bring to the world a wonder, to dress your little human “politically correct” (me laughing right now).

You know, as you did with your dolls :). 

I declare myself guilty of that.

Well, the thing is that you can still do this up until, let’s say, two years oldish…? And then, brace yourself, ‘cuz winter is coming.

Yep, your little human starts to be aware of himself/herself even more and wants to explore. 

This is the moment to act as such and let them do this. And what is the perfect first step? 

Exactly. Shopping. 

Take the children shopping and leave it like that, let them take the wheel, let them explore and choose.

On.Their. Own.

I know it’s painful for a mom that wants to have everything under control (we all do that, I like to see it as error 404 when giving birth or something), and I know your heart rate starts to raise when you see your girl matching a sequin jacket with a flower printed skirt and leopard printed blouse and God knows what other combinations.

But this is what is in her mind at that moment, that’s her imagination. Don’t take it away from her. 

It’s Shopping Time

What you could do instead is to offer suggestions, give them options, not too many though as it will create confusion, but a little guide could help.

Keep in mind that this is the perfect way to encourage creativity and to build once and forever strong and well-established confidence. 

Doesn’t matter how superficial this may sound, we should not underestimate the power of deciding on our own, even if it is just fashion. 

Long story short: if you don’t allow your kid to make its own fashion choices it will lead to the future behavior of being unable to make its own decisions, and here I’m not talking only about fashion, but life in general. 

Let your child explore its fashion sense and in this way, you’ll teach him/her more about strength and decision-making matters.

The Link Between Choices And Self-Esteem


What does making a choice and self-esteem have in common?

Well, it’s a simple rule that applies to us, as adults too. We show on the outside how we feel on the inside, right? And if you would pay a little bit of attention to the way in which you decide to dress on a specific day, you’ll notice that it exposes your state of mind.

And this is what happens with kids, too.

So one of the rules is to approach style from inside out on a daily basis.

Let’s imagine the next scenario.

It’s Monday morning. Everyone is in a rush and your older kid is running late to school, you are late to work, aaand the little Drama Queen has nothing to wear or, she simply doesn’t want to dress up.

What do you do?

Step 1: Try to find out the emotional issues.

Ask her how she feels, why does she feels this way? What could you do to help her?

Step 2: Accept the situation, breath in, align all your chakras and give her options.

Make use of colors, you can make a connection between colors and feelings. Sad feelings – darker colors, mixed feelings – neutral colors, happy feelings – joyful colors.

Life is game so let’s play by their rules.

And in this way you managed to fix two problems in a row. You go, mama!

Now, because I promised you 8 ways to develop your child’s sense of style, let’s see what are the best ways to do it.

Simple, short and efficient, I promise.

1. Free-will

Yep, free-will.

Don’t underestimate the power of a toddler. I declare myself amazed by my own baby (she’s not a baby anymore, but you get me, they are growing up so fast..). 

Let them have a free-will because it’s a simply astonishing confidence-building strategy and it strengthens at the same time their decision-making skills and creativity.

It’s just a simple formula: the act of choosing = control of their life.

2. Options, Options, Options


Give your child options.

Remember the example from above with the shopping? Let them choose between fashion pieces, colors, textures, patterns, trends. 

Allow them to explore. Mix outfits, switch between them, it gives your kid a sense of empowerment and it boosts their self-esteem.

Experiment together even with the styles and colors that they usually hesitate to choose. Support their choice afterward which leads us to a…

3. ..grounded rule: always give a compliment


Always give a compliment because kids thrive for validation.

Of course, we don’t want to encourage the idea of being in a constant quest for acceptance, but yet, it helps them create their own style and you’ll see on their face the look of pride, which is the best look a child could have. 

Your confirmation will encourage your child to be more confident in its own styling choices.

Which is a win-win.

You will get bonding as a bonus.

4. Remember the wheel? Then let them shop..

..on their own. Remember to always respect your child’s decision when picking some items of clothes.

Watch, observe and encourage.

5. Guidelines are never-ever too many


OK. We have established that we let the children discover and explore, but yet it’s nothing wrong to make them understand the difference between practical and fun.

6. Mix & match (but keep in mind that the wheel is still on their hands)

Because they are our children, and we love them more than anything, it’s an unwritten law that we have to teach them something constantly.

Couldn’t agree more with that, but when it comes to fashion, the most important rule, if you want to develop their own sense of style, is to teach the basic rules and then step back.

They still have the wheel, though.

Explain the basics: how to create a whole outfit starting from a simple white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans for example.

Don’t forget the mantra: Teach and step back.

7. Let your children express through their clothes


Self-expression. That’s crucial.

Let your child express himself.

As some children do it through music, let’s say, your child is probably doing it through clothes, so leave him/her to externalize.

With some boundaries, of course, but these are details.

Creativity can be dressed up in so many different ways, let’s embrace it as it is.

8. The cherry on top: accessories

Whoop-whoop, accessories.

Now let the party begin!

This is the fun part in the world of fashion. I really find accessories as the cherry on top.

Knowing how to play with accessories can make your child stand out no matter what. A plain white T-shirt can be taken out of the comfort zone with a nice necklace or even a pair of fashionable sunglasses. 

Anyhow, even if accessorizing is fun, there are rules.

Too much is a no-no, and your child should be aware of it.

Breath in, breathe out because we have to teach and step back.

We have faith in our children that they will make the right decisions. We taught them that and we believe it too.

As we approach the end of this article I really want to share with you a bonus tip that I think it plays a huge role in our motherhood world.

Bonus Tip For My Mamas

Teach your children about hygiene.

And here I do not refer to brushing their teeth or having a bath.

It’s about knowing what it means to keep their clothes clean and how difficult it is sometimes to get rid of clothes stains.

You could start by implementing a rule. Once a week you could try to sort together the laundry. Transform it into a game, why not, children love games.

Give them a time limit and who finishes first will get an ice-cream or 10 more minutes on the computer.

Use your imagination on this, there are no boundaries, just involve them in this entire process of laundry and in this way you get to spend some extra time together.

Conclusion And How To Switch From Fashion To Fun


To sum up the ideas of today’s article, all I want to do is to remind you that our children have the power to move mountains, all they need is our encouragement that they really can do it.

Let your child explore every field, and why not starting with fashion. Visual arts are amazing ways to improve creativity and to boost their imagination to go over the roof.

What is the funniest outfit your child has ever came up with?

Elina, for example, wanted to wear a Christmas-themed dress for over a month.

Every. Single. Day.

I think I should take that dress and send it back to Santa Claus…

See ya, love ya,


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