How To Make Your Baby Look Fashionable In A Comfortable Way

How To Make Your Baby Look Fashionable In A Comfortable Way

Inspiring Ideas On How To Dress Up Your Baby Fashionably

Hey there, mama!

If you’re new in the mommy business, well, I guess you have some questions related to the baby clothes topic.

A lot of questions.

And I can hear each one of them because, guess what, I’ve been in your shoes like…3 years ago? And I’m still there, wondering what to do next?

Because, unfortunately, when Mrs. Stork decides to bring the baby, she usually forgets about the ‘How To’ manual, which means that our next step is to find random things on our own. This is not a bad thing, get the point.

So, what should I look for in baby clothes?

How do you dress a newborn baby?

How to choose baby clothes?

Why there are soooo many options?

What should it be? The comfort of fashion?

Cotton material clothes or muslin?

Where can I find the answers to all of these questions?

Well, it’s usually the mighty Google and also Fashionable Motherhood (hehe, see what I’ve done here?)

Now you see what I am talking about. Whoever says that motherhood is easy, especially when you want to bring the way you dress your child to another level, things get a bit complicated.

But it’s OK, I’ve got your back and I am here to help you find the perfect balance between a comfortable and fashionably dressed awesome baby.

Ready? Let’s go!

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How To Choose Baby Clothes Wisely

When buying clothes for your baby the first thing you need to keep in mind is comfort, yes, even if your heart burns to see him in a wonderfully tailored tuxedo (there’s plenty of time for that stage too, see here how and when), but who says that we cannot have alternatives for a baby-friendly tuxedo?

Check out this cute 3 piece full outfit from

3-piece Bow Decor T-shirt & Striped Coat & Pants for Baby Boy

Soft material? Checked! Good looking? Checked! Comfortable? Check!

So I guess it is a good start in our journey to discover comfortable and fashionable clothes for our babies.

What were we saying? Oh, yes!

Keep in mind the comfort and awareness that your baby will grow that fast you’ll not have time to say the actual ‘baby’ word.

Don’t let yourself be driven by the mirage of all those cute baby outfits for girls or boys out there and buy everything. Just do baby steps, there’s no rush, I know you love shopping so use it to your advantage :D.

With comfort in mind, choose clothes that can be easily dressed, cozy to be worn and nice materials that can be easily washed.

Without any further ado, let’s see 4 simple step guide to think of when choosing baby clothes:

1. The golden rule: be sure that the clothes are easy to put on and take off. The last thing you wish for when you’re baby is crying in the park or in the restaurant is to lose yourself in handling clothes.

So what can you do?

– choose clothes that have a wide neck or have additional snaps in the neck area (in the back or on the shoulder side). Easy, fast, and efficient. Should I add that they can be also super-duper cute, like this one for baby girls and boys from

– when you decide to take clothes with snaps or buttons (but if you’ll ask me I’ll go for snaps), focus on those who can be opened in the front rather than the back, like this cute romper.

Again it’s easier and faster, have a look. 1, 2, 3 and you have a nakey-baby 😀

– always pick loose sleeves rather than tight sleeves, like this cute kimono from MikiHouse. It’s easy to dress, take off, and adjustable which makes it sustainable too. You want to get things done fast, isn’t it?

– snaps, snaps, snaps everywhere! Especially at the crotch, believe me, this is the best thing you could wish for when your baby has done something nasty. Like this classic brown stripes onesie from that can make your fashion baby girl look stunning.

Plus it’s easy to change. Fabulous!

2. Don’t forget about safety! Yep. No buttons (that’s why I said before to go for snaps instead of buttons), no other decorative attachments that can cause any harm to your child. Keep it safe and simple, and fashionable too, of course. has some stunning baby clothes that don’t even require any type of snaps or buttons, you just tie the whole thing, how cool is that? And the prints? They’re just gorgeous!

3. Stay away from buying clothes according to your baby’s age, especially when you do online shopping. Of course, it’s a helpful referent sometimes but try to focus instead on your baby’s weight, each shop has its own size charts and each baby is unique, so keep that in mind when you do baby fashion online shopping.

4. Dress your baby wisely and think in perspective. Do not buy clothes in advance because hey, it was Black Friday and they had nice discounts. You never know how your baby will look like three months from now, so keep it simple and try to renew his/her wardrobe from 3 to 3 months roughly.

To Layer Or Not To Layer? That’s The Question!

And the winning answer is YES!

Layer as much as you can, whenever you can. It’s even a proven fact that layering is more efficient if you’re looking for warmth. It’s also easier to undress the baby when they feel too hot or vice-versa.

There is a limit, of course, we really don’t want our babies to be little burritos. Or do we?

If we have kids, then we definitely have rules.

So another golden rule is to dress your baby with the same number of layers as you and add one extra layer. For example, if you’re going for a walk on a Sunday evening and you decide to wear only a T-shirt, then your child should wear a blouse on top or a thin jacket, and that’s it.

Avoid overdressing the baby, you’ll get to make him/her cranky. If that happens, you should consider the problem of too many clothes. You know, babies usually cry because of hunger, tiredness, too cold, or too hot.

How To Dress Your Baby Fashionably

And now the fun part!

I love, love baby outfits! (probably because they are still at that stage in their lives when they simply can’t say no to everything you put on them, so enjoy the silence, and the cute photos).

Remember the layers? Good, now don’t forget about accessories (baby-friendly accessories) like hats (choose the proper fabrics for each season – fleece or wool for cold days and lighter material in the summer) jackets or mittens and always, but always carry with you an extra pair of socks just in case your baby is feeling a bit too cold.

If you forget the socks maybe you can consider adding a super fancy blanket like the ones from It’s made of organic bamboo and its triple layers are just perfect for your baby’s cuddles.

Fashion Baby Outfits For Boys & Girls

OK, now I’m really into cool stuff. Let’s see what fashionably baby outfits for girls can we choose? Do you want for boys too? I know you want! Let’s see how we can dress our babies fashionably.

Fashion baby girl outfit


Places where you can buy similar products:








8. T-shirt



Fashion baby boy outfit


Places where you can buy similar products:


2.Denim romper







Do Not Forget The Bonus Info For My Mamas: Things You Didn’t Know About Your Baby’s Clothes

Because I want to help you as much as I can, I want to give you some bonus info, so let’s see 3 things you didn’t know about baby clothes:

1. Scratch mittens are not a must-have accessory, they can get kind of pricey and you can also lose them easily.
Tip: use a pair of socks instead, they’ll do the job just perfectly.


2.The mysterious envelop folds on a baby vest – the real reason for them? To easily undress the baby know, he does something way too much to handle (you’ll get the point at the proper time, been there, done that).


3.Simple life tip: stop losing your baby’s tiny socks or bibs in the washing machine by using little pouches, save those little socks from the trip to nowhere.


That being said, my dear mamas, we managed to come to the end of this article.

I really hope that this little information has helped you to get a hint of what a baby should wear if you want him/her to be comfy but also fashionable.

It’s nothing too complicated, you just need imagination, patience, and the right amount of knowledge, the rest will be learned in time. No mother in this world was born with it, we’ve learned from our own mistakes and I know that you can handle it.

Now let’s have a chit-chat.

How do you prefer to dress your baby, comfortable or fashionable? Or do you manage to do them both?

Tell me more in the comment section.

Thank you for reading me again,

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