How To Get 3 Cool Boy Outfits With Only One Pair Of Pants

How To Get 3 Cool Boy Outfits With Only One Pair Of Pants

How To Dress Your Baby Boy Fashionably?

Hello there, mama!

It’s time for a new ‘If it fits, it sits’ episode, and today we are going to focus on your little champ.

Today is going to be about stylish baby boy clothes that will make him look delicious, I promise you.

Even if I risk repeating myself, the fact that dressing up a girl is way easier than finding cute boy outfits is not surprising to anyone.

And you know that. Everyone knows that. Even my husband knows that (and we’re not having a boy), it’s pure reality. When he has to buy new clothes it’s like sending him to a really dark place.

Anyhow, I understand your struggle to dress up your champ fashionably, and this is why this post is going to help you create an image of how to make 3 different cute boys’ outfits with only one pair of pants.

We are looking for sustainability. We are looking to ease our lives as mothers. We are looking to have happy kids in fashionable clothes, isn’t it?

Perfect, now that we settled our rules for today, let’s see what we’re up to.

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How Do You Dress A Baby Boy In A Smart Way?

If you ask me, at a first sight I would say that this is a tough question, because, let’s face it, dressing your baby boy in style can be a bit tricky and most of the time we end up dressing them in a pair loose jeans and a T-shirt.

But why that?

How can we have stylish boys?

Where can we find unique baby boy clothes? Which are the best boy fashion trends? Can I think on my own for some cute boy’s outfits?

Let’s take it step by step.

First of all, try to find your inspiration online. Start with Pinterest, for example.

Pinterest is the heaven of toddler outfits and clothes combinations, just have a look whenever you feel bored (I don’t know if that is even possible when you have a kid, but bear with me) and search for whatever goes in your mind, you’ll be surprised by all the results you’ll get.

Another useful tip is to check the big clothing stores you know (H&M let’s say or Zara) and keep an eye on their kid’s campaigns and follow their outfit patterns (they even give you options to shop the look too).

I used to do that all the time, it’s really saving some precious time when I ran out of ideas.

Less time on your phone and more time to spend with your kiddo. Fashion kiddo 🙂

What Boys Clothes Are Trendy?

This thing with clothes that ‘have’ to be in trend is something that goes beyond my powers. Especially when we are talking about kid’s clothes.

I, for example, am a huge fan of thrift shops and second hands. I check these types of stores in my neighborhood once or twice a month and I promise you that I find little treasures (I regret nothing).

A thing which proves that you don’t have to shop from the latest Zara campaign to look stylish and fashionable.

And this can be applied to kids too (of course, be careful with the deep cleaning & co, but other than that it can work just fine.)

My best answer to this question is that the trendiest clothes you could get for your boy are the ones that fit him the best and make him feel comfortable and happy with himself. Period. This should be the most important trait for you to follow when searching for fashionable outfits.

Comfort and self-confidence.

In Style Toddler Boy Outfits

My main idea with this rubric is to help you choose that item of clothing that can ease your mommy’s life. That being said, when you find a pair of pants that looks good, yet is too expensive and you’re having second thoughts about whether to buy it or not, think of those pants combined in 3 different outfits.

Can you do that?

Perfect! Then buy them! They worth the money.

Now let’s see which is the star of the show today.

It wasn’t that tough to decide upon one item because, well, boys wear pants, right? So yeah, I’m Captain Obvious and I chose to bring in front of you a pair of…pants.

And not just a pair of pants, but these cute, simple and versatile charcoal chambray pants that are just perfect for your little champ (or toddler – you’ll see why I find them perfect for both categories).


These pants from are special because they grow together with your child. The adjustable waistband fits perfectly on growing tummies (so they’re perfect for your baby boy too), the harem style fits just fine for cloth diapers, and last but not least, the pants legs are slightly tapered so this allows you to roll them up or down depending on the way your boy grows.

Did I convince you that it was the perfect choice? No?

OK! Then check out the next outfits!

Best Boys OOTD

Let’s see what can we do with only one pair of pants.

I played with colors and structures just to show you how fun and easy it is to find and create boy outfits in an aesthetic way. Enjoy!

OUTFIT no. 1


My recommendations (similar products will work just fine and feel free to play with other items too):


2. Hat

3. Bag

4. Shoes

5. Pants

6. Jacket

OUTFIT no. 2


My recommendations (similar products will work just fine and feel free to play with other items too):

1. Pants

2. Hoodie

3. Shoes

4. Hat

5. Backpack

OUTFIT no. 3


My recommendations (similar products will work just fine and feel free to play with other items too):


2. Shirt

3. Cardigan

4. Shoes

5. Sunglasses


Is it possible to have a stylish boy?


See? It’s not such a big deal, you just have to play and let it be fun for both of you, go shopping together, let him choose some item of clothing, let fashion be part of your routine (for both of you) and enjoy every second spent together.

Would you try these outfits? What are your other suggestions? Tell me more in the comment section and stay tuned for more outfits ideas that will come every single week.

Thank you for reading me again.

See ya, love ya,

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