How Would You Define Your Girl: A Princess Or A Tomboy?

How Would You Define Your Girl: A Princess Or A Tomboy?

How To Define Your Little Girl? Is She A Tomboy Or A Princess?

How to deal with that situation when your girl doesn’t want to put on that pretty dress you sold a kidney to buy (because let’s face it, girls clothes are not cheap at all, especially the gown ones or the shiniest Elsa dress on the market)?

What do you do when your tomboy girl wants a new pair of chunky sneakers instead of those stunning dancers you saw recently on the new Zara campaign?

How do you react when there are -1000 degrees outside and your little princess thought that the ballerina tutu skirt is the best choice to make?

With no pants. Or tights. Or whatever it takes to be warm?

For all the mamas out there who have daughters, raise your hands, we’re all in this together (I don’t know why, but it popped in my head the High School Musical song, please tell me I’m not the only one).

I bet you recognized yourself in at least one of the situations above, so I hear you, this is why I want to talk with you today about princesses and tomboys.

Stick in here for more. I know you want to see what comes next (confident braces smiley face).

Look How She’s Dressed, She’s Such A Tomboy!


I don’t know about you, mama, but I for sure act like a lioness when it comes to my daughter.

That’s it. I said it.

And when someone tries to say something about her, regarding her way of acting or dressing, in our case, I become mental (not clinical, of course, but you get the point, I just like to protect what’s mine).

So you’d better stay away from harsh comments of likes and dislikes, because, well, you don’t know much about the story behind that stunning and worthy of the podium outfit. Not.

It’s true that maybe before having Elina I had one-two tries to not agree with how a random mom in the park used to dress her child, but I kept it for myself. And also, I was not a mom, so I didn’t know what motherhood meant…

…that the decision of going out for a walk transforms into an F1 race and the child gets to be Schumacher, for sure.

And the mother?

A complete mess with a sad bun on the top of her head.
My point is that someone’s opinion doesn’t hurt if I don’t get to hear it.


Having a girl daughter comes along with a price.

Yes. A huge price because everyone expects you to dress her like a princess, to put bows in her hair and put earrings and wear full-pink outfits and tutus and glitter and aaaall the girl department on her, because that’s politically correct, isn’t it?

Well, guess what, it is not.

Tomboys Are From Venus, Princesses From Mars


I used to feel guilty at the very beginning of my motherhood journey because I didn’t fit in with these stereotypes.

Nope, not at all.

I can’t even count how many times people stopped me on the street and tell me, randomly: oooh what a cute boy do ‘we’ have in here!

Me, poker face.

In my head goes only: smile and wave, smile and wave, but I end up just saying that she’s a girl…actually.

And this happened because I like to dress her as I feel, as I perceive as being comfortable. I like pants and sneakers. She’s 4 months old and can’t tell what pair of Balenciaga she likes, so I stick to my guts, why would you judge me for that?

Oh, wow, she wears pants and a hoodie, she’s such a tomboy?

So what?

Short Story


I remember something that happened a while ago when I was in the park with my daughter.

I still smile when I remember it.

It was a summer day, and if it’s hot and sunny outside guess what all the mamas are doing in no matter what corner of this world?

Hallelujah! Go outside like butterflies.

‘cuz kids have that much energy that you can’t even image and God bless that human being who invented outdoor playgrounds. Amen to that.

And how I was walking with my smurf, what I see in front of my eyes? A little Snowhite. She had no dwarfs with her, not even one, but man, she knew how to ride a motorcycle.

You know, the reaaaally cheap ones made out of plastic (wallet-friendly. Ca-ching!)

And she was with her hair in the wind, her sneakers were all dirty and scratched, she was all sweaty, but most of all, she was happy.

And this idea leads me to another point which is all about princesses.

Aww! She’s Such A Princess! How Cute!



Princesses all the way.

Come on, let’s face it, we’ve all been there, dreaming and fantasizing about all those Disney princesses.

Off-topic, I just have to bring this on: if you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory, then you probably remember the scene with Bernadette, Penny, and Amy when they wanted to go to Vegas and be all dressed up as princesses. And all of them wanted to be Cinderella.

Because Cinderella is the queen of princesses (I don’t know if there is actually a hierarchy here, but I can only suppose).

And no one could pass Bernadette.

And it’s fun because I’ve been there, and you’ve been there and now…I expect from my daughter to be soon enough doing the same.

But I have no intention to stop her from doing it. Whether she would like to wear three dresses at a time because she simply wants to be all those princesses at the same time or not.

The idea of this paragraph is to point out the difference between the people’s reaction when they see a girly girl and a…not so girly girl.

When I get to dress Elina like a cute-little-muffin and I want to simply squeeze her because of her cuteness, people have this exact reaction: awwww, look at this little princess! She’s so cute!

Well, thank you, but she’s the same little princess that wore pants yesterday.

What is happening?

Why Are Tomboys Called Tomboys?

Now let’s have a turn back to tomboys.

Why do you think they are called like that?

Well, again, because I like series (can you tell?) let’s have a look back to the phenomenon of The Game Of Thrones.

Good. Now try to remember Arya Stark. Yep, that’s it – an accurate description of a tomboy.

As a short piece of history, back in the 16th century this specific term was used only to describe a rude and way too loud boy, whilst nowadays people use it to describe that type of behavior that is usually appropriate to boys but girls tend to master it (sometimes even better).

And I find it super cool.

These facts are sending me feelings of pride because those little girls who have this openness to accept who they are and express how they feel so free, it’s pure awesomeness.

Especially if you’re only 2 years old.

So leave all those stereotypes aside and embrace the reality. A reality in which your baby girl is amazing and strong and forceful.

What you should do right now is to feel proud because You have an amazing daughter.

Are Tomboys Born Or Made?


I guess this is a hot spot.

No, tomboys are not characters that come out fresh and hot straight from the oven. It’s a matter of inner feelings and personality.

Let’s have a little question game. Does your daughter:

  • prefer boyish outfits?
  • like cars instead of dolls?
  • stay away from pink skirts and dresses and tutus?
  • gets dirty and it’s all flower power about that?
  • stands as the Karate Kid in the house?

Guess what? You have a little tomboy.

And how do you feel about that? Does this change anything between you two?

I bet it doesn’t, you’ll love your baby girl no matter if she wears a dress or some pair of freshly dirty pants.

Dress Up vs. Mess Up


What should it be today?

Dress up or mess up?

I guess it’s just a matter of feeling.

If you usually live with a little princess in the house, it’s nothing wrong to see her the next day wearing sneakers and jumping in the first muddle puddle she sees.

You know, like Peppa :D.

Or if your tomboy wakes up one morning and wants to put on that long-long time ago forgotten Elsa dress because she had a dream last night.

What do you do?

You give her that dress because you can’t say no to her felling.

Because, my dear already mama and future mamas, hear me: you simply can’t, just can’t take one girl out of her princess dress.

Never. Just don’t.

Leave it like that and you’ll thank me later.

Does this sound familiar to you? A child that doesn’t want to go to kindergarten without wearing his Spider-man suit? Or a girl that won’t eat ANYTHING if you don’t dress her up like Belle?

Been there. Done that.

And working in a kindergarten filled me up with aaall these kinds of stories. Real stories. And tragedies.

Conclusion And A Bit Of Fun For My Mamas


The whole point of this article is to always, but always be proud of your child.

No. Matter. What.

Whether she’s into all the princess gear with crown and glitter and tutu dresses or simply opting for a homeless type of outfit.

They are unique and wonderful as they are. Love them, cherish them, accept them.

Your baby girl will be a different person tomorrow, you don’t know where life is going to take her.

So let her be.

A princess or a warrior.

It’s Fun Time


Because I promised you some fun and you’re curious to see if you are a tomboy too, have a look over this super fun quiz on that will tell if your world is full of unicorns or you’re ready to rock’n’roll.

So, what are your results? Are you a Tomboy as your daughter or an all-time princess?

See ya, love ya

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