How To Choose The Best Baby Carrier – 3 Useful & Fashionable Options In 2021

How To Choose The Best Baby Carrier – 3 Useful & Fashionable Options In 2021

Best Baby Carriers That Will Simplify Your Life

What are baby carriers and what’s their principle?

Do you really need a baby carrier or it’s just a matter of ‘being trendy’?

It’s nothing too complicated, it’s just some magic invention that aims to help you, mama, to spend the most amazing moments from your life next to your baby. 

As much as possible. As long as possible.

This is what we’re going to talk about today: baby carriers, what are their types, when can we start to wear them and how. Simple tips that will convince you to at least try a baby wrap or a sling and make your life easier and happier.

Oh, and to not forget, at the end you’ll have some bonus info, like I usually do, something for your little helpers (aka older sister or brother), just stay close.

Let’s see what is this all about.

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What Are The Best Baby Carriers?

If you’re new to this motherhood journey, first of all, welcome!

I know you are overwhelmed by all the information, but I have to applaud your desire for knowledge. There is nothing better in this world than a well-informed mother. So I guess that you’ve been introduced to the term of baby carrier. 

Or baby wrap, or baby sling. 

All these products have the same principle, to hold your baby close to you as much as possible, like a kangaroo! Yep, that’s exactly their origin, a kangaroo pouch: nice, warm, and cozy.

Where’s the best place in this world if not in your mother’s arms, isn’t it?

And the best part is that the bright minds of this world had come with several options for us to thank everyone and every taste out there.

You’ve noticed that I brought to your attention 3 different types of carriers: structured carriers, baby wrap, and baby slings. Now the big question: Which is the best?

There is no such thing as ‘the best’ that I can recommend, it’s just the best for you. So keep in mind that whenever you decide to purchase a baby-carrier, focus first on your baby’s age and stage of life. That very moment.

It’s like wearing clothes, you have to wear something that suits you, right?

The baby carrier market is full of options and besides their effectiveness, they look also super fashionable and pleasant to wear and look at. Which is a win-win.

I know that they can get quite expensive sometimes, but there is never too late to try a second-hand one, it’s sustainable and if it’s in a good condition, why not take this opportunity?

What Is The Best Age To Put A Baby In A Carrier?

I bet you’ve seen many mothers wearing their children in baby wraps and you’ve wondered when you should start wearing your baby this way.

I started to wear Elina in a baby carrier since she was a newborn. I remember that I hold her like that even in the house. The stroller was just like a Lamborghini ride on a Saturday night on the streets of Monaco.

A luxury.

But it was the best option for us. A life-saving one.

So the answer is that you can start wearing your baby in a baby wrap since their first days of life if you choose the right one.

Let me give you a quick guide. These are some compulsory things you really, but really need to know.

The most important rule when you’re looking for a baby carrier: the position.

1. the baby should be with his/her face to their mom (or dad, you’ll see later);

2. for newborns – their legs should be collected close to their tummy or outside of the baby wrap but in an M position (like a little frog). Why that? Because their feet’ weight should not be supported by their hips but by the wearing system;

3. their tummy should be close to their parent body (skin-to-skin, just magic!);

4. their spine should curve naturally, similar to their womb position;

5. the baby’s face should be free, with no material that could create any breathing barrier;

6. you are in the right position and height if you can kiss your baby’s forehead.

Baby Carriers Starting From Newborn To Toddlers

Now that we’ve settled the basic rules, let’s see what are the best baby carriers for each stage of their lives.

1. Newborns (even premature, yep, some extra love for our amazing champions)

What to pay attention to:

a.) Head support: because the newborns can’t hold their heads on their own for the moment, he/she needs good support for the nape of the head and the inferior part of their head. There is no need to immobilize it but to slightly sustain it. They usually stay most comfortably on one side, with their face close to their mom’s chest, but never with the chin bonded to the chest (suffocating danger). 

b.) Back support: newborns need a great support for their entire back length. Keep it curved but we should never let the newborn bend under his weight.

c.) Hips and shoulders support: the natural and anatomical position for a newborn is with their legs in the M position like I said before. Which means that the knees should be higher than the hips.

My recommendations (mostly wraps or slings):

Because I am also a mom and I’ve worn my baby in the same way I want to recommend you some of the best baby carriers. I’ve done rough research because I know that there’s no room for jokes when we’re talking about our kids. 

Therefore, one of my options which is also ah-mazing for premature babies comes from It’s the first baby wrap that I’ve seen to promote the idea of skin-to-skin comfort. Its patented ‘wing’ designs make it even easier to handle and the best part?

It functions as a postpartum body-shaper! How cool is that? And the prints make it fashionable and cute for my mamas out there who dare to be bold.

Another beautiful option is the one from It’s soft and easy to put on, your baby will definitely not want to move from there. If you’ll ask me, I’ll go with this neutral go-to design. Its simplicity makes it just perfect to combine with your bold colors outfits and prints.

The best part? Its size is flexible so you can custom the size anytime you tie it and the four ways to stretch provides flexibility, real support, and adjustability. 

I’ll put down below the instructions too, and convince yourself how easy it is to wrap your child in love.

My third option is the Hipster Plus 3D carrier that is not an actual wrap but it has a newborn insertion which makes it useful starting from 0m up to 48m. What’s the best thing about it? Well, does the fact that you can storage 6 diapers in the under hip pocket sound attractive to you?

To me, it does, oh, and you also have room for your phone (which is great, I used to wear also a backpack with all the baby essentials when I was holding Elina in her Manduca, and I found it quite challenging, so this option is really helpful). 

Hipster Plus Baby Carrier - Extra Storage on the Go

2. Babies over 4-6 months

What to pay attention to:

a.) Head support: it is not necessary unless your baby is sleeping.

b.) Back support: again, not necessary unless your baby is sleeping and not even then (not as much as it was needed when the baby was a newborn).

c.) Hips and legs support: it’s still a priority, we must keep checking the hips position just to be sure that wearing the baby in the carrier is still comfortable.

My recommendations:

Boba Classic 4GS Organic Carrier Midnight

For all the mamas out there who aim for simplicity and comfort. This baby carrier combines perfectly the idea of a wrap and a carrier. It’s fashionable and easy to include in your everyday walking routine. 

Boba X Yucca

I fell in love with this baby carrier. It sends me straight to a really warm place, just walking with my baby and enjoying the evening. Its natural print makes it so easy to combine with your summer outfits. The seat can be adjusted with only one smooth slide and locked with a flat press of your hand. To me, this is the winner!

Boba Air Black Ultra Lightweight Baby Carrier

This baby carrier is just perfect for all the travel mamas. It’s light and super-easy to put on. The materials are soft and breathable, and so easy to be folded. It can fit in any type of bag you have and you’re covered whenever you want or need to carry your baby. 

3. Carriers for toddlers

What you need to pay attention to:

a.) Hips and legs support: while advancing in age, the M that we were paying so much attention to at the beginning starts to fade. The knees still need to be higher than the hips but closer than a more pronounced M.

b.) Your back support: a bigger baby comes along with a higher weight which means that you need to pay attention to the way the weight is distributed.

My recommendations:

Pick a carrier that is dedicated to toddlers, which means a structured carrier. Of course, if you’re still the wrap type of mom or sling, you can go with the ones I recommended above but pay attention to the material, to be a little bit stiffer.

If you like structured carriers you could have a look at this type. 


It can carry up to 44lb, it offers you the option to hold your toddler in 6 positions and it allows you to leave home the backpack because you have an XL storage compartment where you can keep your baby’s essentials and your stuff.

Can Dads Wear Baby Carriers Too?

Ha! I love this question!

Of course, they can!

You just have to convince your hubby to do it.

I have my own ‘aww’ moment when I see dads wearing their babies this way, it’s just heart-melting.

If you don’t know where to get a baby carrier online, you can have a look here, these t-shirt baby wraps are just what your new daddy needs.

Convince yourself :).

Mini Baby Carriers For Your Young Lady

And now is the moment for my little bonus.

Mini baby carriers! 

What’s their utility? Well, besides the fact that they are so cute and fashionable, I truly believe that it can help your girl or boy to accept better the idea of a new brother or sister. It can increase the idea of being responsible and enjoy your walks in the park without any guilt feelings.

When the time will come I’ll definitely get Elina one of these.

Check these super-cute mini baby carriers. I bet your little lady and boy will simply love it! Her doll-babies or your boy’s teddy bear need some kangaroo love too. 

Boba Mini Night Adventures

Boba Mini Forest Flower Child


That being said, we managed to get to the end of this article. I hope it was helpful and convinced you to go in this direction and try to wear your newborn and toddler in a baby carrier.

Its benefits are countless, only one article is not enough to comprise all the good things it can bring in your life and your baby’s life, but give it a try and enjoy every single moment holding your angel close to your heart.

What is your go-to model?

Structured carrier, wrap, or sling?

Let me know in the comment section!

Thank you for reading to me again.

See ya, love ya,

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