Best Girl Names From Songs – From A To Z

Best Girl Names From Songs – From A To Z

Songs With Female Names In The Lyrics

You’re expecting a baby, you’re happier than ever, you go to the doctor and announce to everyone about the stunning news, and it’s a girl!

Hang on. But how to call her?


Having a girl is probably your biggest dream since forever but maybe the name that you had in mind is not following your actual tastes anymore. So what do you do? You want the most attractive name for your girl. You want to pick one of the prettiest names for your girl because let’s face it, it’s a tough choice to make.

You don’t want your girl to hate you because she was a mocking subject in school, right?

But how can we choose a unique name when having a baby girl?

Let me answer to this.

You go and listen to some music and you’ll be amazed by how many songs with names in the title you’ll find. You’ll encounter from the rarest girl names to the most common. But the point is that it will ease your job for sure.

So this is what our post is going to be. A huge list of best girl names from songs from A to Z!

Enjoy and I really hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Songs With Women’s Names Alphabetical


Best Baby Girl Names Starting With A


Aimee/ Amie or Aimée is a romantic baby girl name that has a French origin and it means -> beloved friend, so if you feel like your beautiful girl is going to be a loving little human being, this is the perfect name pick for her.

In English they pronounce it as Amie, that’s why the Pure Prairie League have a song named after it, and if you don’t have time to listen to it, the song is about a boy who has waited too long for the girl, that’s when he decided to sing about his love story.

TIP: if you want to choose a less used baby girl name, try with Aimee. According to U.S births, it is ranked as #914. So go and be original.


Angelina, it’s a gorgeous name with a deep meaning and can have several variations as Angileena or Angellena. Its origins are Spanish, Italian, and Greek.

If you’re asking what does this name means in the Bible, it stands as the messenger of God.

Some may ask if Angelina means little angel, which can be true since Angeline stands as the diminutive of Angela/Angélique that come from French and it can also mean angelic.

The song in which you can find this meaningful name is Angelina, from Louis Prima, a song written on his wife’s behalf. A true love gesture.

Curious about the U.S. births top? It’s on #288.


What does the name Aubrey mean for a girl? Does it have a biblical meaning? Is it a boy or girl name? These are questions that most people ask when thinking of Aubrey.

First of all, on its base the name Aubrey stands for the leader of elves, noble ruler, or a magical being, it stands for power. Its origin is French and can have several variations as Audrey, Aubree, or Awbery. If you find even boys wearing this name, is good to know that it is a unisex one, so no worries.

The song on which you can find this wonderful name is called Aubrey by BREAD. The lyrics talk about a girl having this name, a girl which seems to have left some wounds in the singer’s heart. A love that was never consumed.

According to U.S. Births, it is on #45.


Angie is a beautiful girl name with a Greek origin standing as a diminutive for the name Angela. Its meaning is the messenger of God and it can be encountered in another version as Angee.

The song in which you can hear this name is Angie Baby by Helen Reddy, a beautiful song about a girl enjoying rock’n’roll.

According to U.S. Births, it placed on #702.


Adia is a stunning and simple baby girl name of Swahili origin. It means gift, which I think every child in this world is.

Some similar spellings can be Aida, Adie, Ade, or Adah.

The song in which you can find this name is Adia by Sarah McLachlan, a song which is free for meaning interpretations since the singer didn’t give too many explanations regarding her relation with Adia.


Amber is a romantic name of both Arabic and French origin. In Arabic, it means ambar or jewel, but from the old French, it stands for amber-coloured (orange/red color).

The song for this name is called Amber by 311. It’s a reggae type of song and it is about a crush on Nicole Scherzinger.


Angela is a beautiful name of Greek origin coming from the word “angelos” and stands as the messenger of God.

There are some name variations such as Anjelah or Angelah.

The song is called Angela by The Lumineers and they have said that this song,” is about “a small-town success story struggling to escape her past.”

According to U.S. Births, the name is on #256.


The name Annie is of Hebrew origin and it stands for grace, favor, or the morning song.

The song in which you can hear more about this name is called Sweet Annie by Zac Brown Band. The song is a mid-tempo ballad about a singer who is tired of his life on the road and pleads with his lover to “stay with [him] awhile”.


The name Aja is a neutral type of name and it’s of Indian origin. Its meaning is to drive or propel.

The song that has this name is called Aja by Steely Dan and the lyrics center around the interior monologue of a man who runs to the title character to escape the stresses of his life “up on the hill.”

According to U.S. Births, it’s on #973.

Beautiful Baby Girl Names Starting With B

Brandy Looking Glass


Bedelia Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz Band

Belinda The Stabilisers

Bess Robert McFerrin

Bluebell Scott Walker

Briane Boyce Avenue

Brielle – Sky Sailing

Brylee Gary Farmer

Cute Baby Girl Names Starting With C

Colette Billy Fury &The Four Jays

Clementine Bobby Darin

Carol Chuck Berry

Cindy Ricky Nelson

Cecilia Simon & Garfunkel

Cara The Strangeloves

Catherine George Baker

Calee Daphne

Original Baby Girl Names Starting With D

Diana Paul Anka

Delilah Tom Jones

DeanaJohnny ‘Guitar’ Watson (1958)

Darlene T. Graham Brown

Darcy Alan Munde

Deborah The Reflections

Deidre Bruce Johnston

Della Acker Bilk

Derinda Jon Washington

Dorothea The Raymond Scott Orchestra


Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With E

Eleanor The Beatles

Emily Simon & Garfunkel

Eileen Dexy’s Midnight Runners

Elvira The Oak Ridge Boys

Eloise Barry Ryan

Emma Bon Iver

Ebony Kiskadee

Elaine Jerry Riopelle

Elena The Sammy Kaye Orchestra

Elisa Bing Crosby

Elise Don Costa And His Orchestra

Ellie Gene Autry

Eloise Kay Thompson

Elsie Paper Lace

Evie Stevie Wright

Emmaline Hot Chocolate

Famous Baby Girl Names Starting With F

Fancy Reba McEntire

Fannie The Midnighters

Faye Sugarcane Harris

Felicia Roger Williams

Fran Danny and the Juniors

Frieda The Valiants

Catchy Baby Girl Names Starting With G

Geraldine Jack Scott

Gail The Twisters

Georgeanne Bluesville

Gracie Ben Folds


Chic Baby Girl Names Starting With H

Harper Driftwood Bones

Hannah Luke Sayers

Hazel The Troggs

Heather Tommy Roe

Helen Sue Thompson

HollyNeil Diamond

Romantic Baby Girl Names Starting With I

Izabella Jimi Hendrix

Iris Goo Goo Dolls

Gorgeous Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Jezebel Gene Vincent

Judy Elvis Presley

Josie Steely Dan

JoleneDolly Parton

Jane Velvet Underground

JuliaThe Beatles

Jacqueline Lucille Starr

Top 10 Prettiest Girl Names Starting With K


Kala Kala

Karen – The Pastel Six

Kari – Lee Hazlewood

Katareena – Lou Monte

Katia – Miles Davis

Katrina – Ted Beneke and His Orchestra

Keiko – Tokyo

Kelley – Adolph Hofner

Wonderful Baby Girl Names Starting With L

Laura Frank Sinatra

Lucille Little Richard

Layla Derek And the Dominos

Lola The Kinks

Lucy The Beatles

Rare Baby Girl Names Starting With M

Mary AnnStevie Wonder

Monique Frank Sinatra

Mimi Dean Martin

Maybellene Chuck Berry

MelissaThe Allman Brothers

MabelThe Bonzo Dog Band


Trendy Baby Girl Names Starting With N

Nadine Chuck Berry

Naomi – Neutral Milk Hotel (1996)

Nathalie Julio Iglesias (1982)

Nell Casper Myers (2007)

Nettie – Cab Calloway Orchestra (1947)

Norah – Percy Faith Orchestra (1950)

Popular Baby Girl Names Starting With O

Ophelia The Band

Olivia One Direction

Ora Bob Carlin (1996)

Modern Baby Girl Names Starting With P

Peggy Buddy Holly

PenelopeZak Waters

Pearl – Flatt and Scruggs (1963)

Uncommon Baby Girl Names Starting With Q

Queenie Chuck Berrie


Meaningful Baby Girl Names Starting With R

Rita The Beatles

Ramona Louis Armstrong

Rosanna Toto

Roxanne The Police

Rosalie The Searchers

Rhiannon Stevie Nicks

Raina Nick Waterhouese

Rosie –  Neil Diamond

Sweet Baby Girl Names Starting With S

Suzanna Harry Belafont

Sarah Hall and Oates

Sheena The Ramones

Sally Paul McCartney

Sheila Tommy Roe

SaraFleetwood Mac

Sadie The Beatles

Senora Harry Belafonte

Shiloe Neil Diamong

Skylar Vince Neil

Adorable Baby Girl Names Starting With T

Tammy Debbie Reynold

Tangerine Led Zeppelin

Tara Joey Lewis

Tela Phish

Tigerlily La Roux


Best Girl Names From Songs Starting With U

Ulla Cornelis Vreeswiijk and others

Ursula Barclay James Harvest

Gorgeous Baby Girl Names Starting With V

Victoria The Kinks

Valerie The Monkees

Valentina Shane Monopoli

VelouiraThe Pixies

Vera Pink Floyd

Vidalia – Sammy Kershaw

Top Baby Girl Names Starting With W

Willow Will Smith

Windy Paul Gayten

Winona Matthew Sweet Winter – AJR

Unusual Baby Girl Names Starting With X

Xena Daniel Craine Orchestra

Timeless Baby Girl Names Starting With Y

Yoko John Lennon

Yoshimi The Flaming Lips


Everlasting Baby Girl Names Starting With Z

Zelda The Bonzo Dog Band

ZerleneGene And Billy



And this is it, my dear mamas, the list of the best girl names from songs from A to Z.

I’m definitely going to update it, but until then I hope this list of songs with female names in the lyrics has helped you to find the prettiest name for your baby girl.

Thank you for getting ’till the end and good look with finding the perfect name.

See ya, love ya,

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