You Can Now Make 3 Cute Girl Outfits With Only One Pink Romper

You Can Now Make 3 Cute Girl Outfits With Only One Pink Romper

Best Romper Outfit Ideas For Your Baby Girl

Hello again, mama!

Today is about fashion, and not just fashion, is about your baby girl or toddler who loves pink, and I know that you love pink too.

I love pink, everyone loves pink (even the ones that say they don’t like pink, they do, shh).

As I said, today is going to be about fashion and more than that, about sustainability and with this article I start the series called ‘If it fits, it sits’, which means that if you see a piece of clothing and you like it but it’s too expensive, let’s say, and you’re not convinced whether to buy it or not, you can apply my rule: try that specific article in three different outfits.

In this way the item of clothing proves its price, efficiency and all the effort to convince yourself that it is worthy.

Therefore, le piece de resistence for today is going to be….*drum beats*…

….a baby girl pink romper!

Are you ready to build together three awesome romper outfits?

Let’s go!

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3 Stunning Outfits With Just One Toddler Girl Romper

Good, now that the introduction has been made, let’s see what the big fuss was all about.

I don’t know about you, but I love rompers. Doesn’t matter if it is for me or for my daughter. I simply love them.

The particular reason for this circumstance is that they are the pure definition of childhood. They are easy to wear, they can be colorful or plain, they can be made out of tons of fabrics (denim, cotton, or linen) and still look gorgeous.

And beside that they are comfortable.

A trait that is a must-have when we’re talking about our kids, isn’t it?

But even if at their base rompers should be easy to combine, many moms find it difficult to place them in the proper outfit. This actively demonstrates my inner wish to share with you the way in which I would love to dress Elina if I would have to choose a pink baby romper.

The star of the show is this little linen candy. I just love it. Tell me it doesn’t scream spring to you.

I find it amazing, fashionable and sustainable because its design aims to adjust as your baby grows. This means that the straps from the back can be adjusted up to 3 times, its harem-style allows your child to move even if she still wears diapers.

Also the leg length can be adjusted too, so you can simply roll up the material excess and roll it back when your baby grows. How cool is that?

And the linen fabric is breathable, just perfect for your kid who is constantly moving.

Pink Baby Romper To Bring Spring In Your Life

1. Let’s talk more about our first outfit.

Even if the pink romper seems at the first sight to be a bit too bold and difficult to combine, you can see that it is actually the color spot we needed in order to get the outfit out of its comfort zone.

When you decide to dress your baby girl with a bold color piece of clothing, then be careful that the rest of the outfit to have neutral colors. You can never be wrong if you do this.


Click and see my outfit recommendations:

  1. White shirt
  2. Pink romper
  3. Headband
  4. Socks
  5. Shoes

2. Our second outfit.

And the winner, if you ask me.

If you’ll get to read my article about princesses and tomboys, you’ll see why I consider this outfit as my all-time-favorite.

I’m a tomboy on my own and my Elina…well, she’s going on the same path as I can see :D.

But come on, isn’t this outfit just…perfect? It has everything:

  • comfortable – check!
  • cute – check!
  • fashionable – check!
  • colorful – check!

Click and see my outfit recommendations:

  1. Body/Blouse (it can work perfectly with something similar)
  2. Pink romper
  3. Socks
  4. Shoes
  5. Denim jacket
  6. Hat

3. And the third outfit is the simplest of all.

I chose a basic T-shirt, a pair of comfy and fashionable sandals and a sun hat that is both in style and protects your lady on hot summer days.


Click and see my outfit recommendations:

  1. Basic T-shirt/body
  2. Pink romper
  3. Sandals
  4. Sun hat


To sum up everything that has been stated so far, having a fashionable kid is nothing too difficult to achieve. Also, you don’t need to spend tons of money on clothes items just…because.

Think smart, mama, and be always with one step forward.

Let’s take care of our children and do not forget how important it is to implement a good sense of style from an early stage of life. I’m here for you whenever you need me.

Let me know in the comment section if you find this type of approach helpful and also, be sincere, do you like pink?

Thank you for reading me again.

See ya, love ya,

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